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Safeguarding operations is paramount in the logistics and haulage industry. This is where RHA Insurance Services (RHA IS), with Liam Chatfield as Senior Client Executive, steps in. RHA IS provides comprehensive insurance and risk management services tailored to the unique needs of haulage and logistics companies across the UK. From owner-operators to large fleets, RHA IS offers bespoke solutions that ensure the wheels of industry continue to turn seamlessly.

But why is RHA Insurance Services, a key player in the sector, participating in National Lorry Week? According to Liam, it’s about recognising the industry’s hard work and innovation, often overshadowed by other headlines. It’s about championing an industry that forms the lifeblood of the nation’s economy.

Celebrating an Economic Powerhouse

When asked about why he feels it’s important to celebrate the road transport industry, Liam tells us, “With the transport and storage sector being worth £13.5 billion to the UK economy, whilst employing 15 million people, its vital to celebrate the ingenuity of the industry, as well as the talented people that make it all happen.”

Embracing the Unexpected

The excitement of road transport, according to Liam, lies in its unpredictability. “Every single transport operation has its own hurdles, and with these hurdles, come lessons to be learned,” says Liam.

“This means no two days are the same, which keeps things fresh and exciting.”

Industry Misconceptions & Key Issues

One common industry misconception that Liam would like to correct is the assumption that working in transport equates to being a HGV driver. Although this is a key role, it’s certainly not the only path you can take – the sector offers a multitude of career pathways.

Beyond its role in insurance, RHA Insurance Services understands the significance of driver welfare and security. When asked about key issues that we need to raise awareness of, Liam tells us, “The security and welfare of our drivers is incredibly important,”

“Driver facilities in the UK are amongst the worst in Europe, with a lack of lorry parking and access to hygiene facilities. This is an important part of the RHA’s campaigning.”

A Greener Future

Liam is particularly enthusiastic about the road transport industry’s future. “Electric and alternatively fuelled vehicles will be the future of our industry,” Liam tells us. “Its exciting to see how these areas are developing.”

The development of green fuel technology and their integration into the sector’s landscape signifies exciting prospects for a more sustainable future.

As National Lorry Week unfolds, RHA Insurance Services underscores the importance of recognising and celebrating an industry that underpins our daily lives and keeps our nation moving forward.

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