Sponsor Focus: The Fuel Card Company

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In the lead-up to National Lorry Week 2023, the RHA is proud to present a spotlight on the individuals and organisations that play a crucial role in the road transport industry. Today, we’re delighted to introduce Paul Holland, Managing Director of UK Fleet at Fleetcor, including UK brands Allstar, Keyfuels and The Fuelcard Company.

Paul Holland has served as the Managing Director for UK Fleet at Fleetcor since 2009. Fleetcor is a leading player in the fleet management sector, encompassing prominent UK brands sych as Allstar, Keyfuels, and the The Fuelcard Company. In his current role, Paul focuses his efforts on delivering innovative payment solutions tailored to fleet management needs.

When asked why he’s eager to participate in National Lorry Week this year, Paul emphasises the pivotal role of the road transport industry amid significant challenges and transformations,

“With the UK moving towards lowering carbon emissions from vehicles and will stop selling new internal combustion engine vehicles in 2030 (with HGVs to follow in 2040), HGVs are critical for a sustainable supply chain. This is the next big challenge for the trucking industry.”

Addressing this challenge involves identifying the most efficient fuels to diesel, and Paul believes that Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), also known as renewable diesel, represents a key option. This fuel source can achieve up to a 90% reduction in emissions compared to conventional diesel.

On industry misconceptions, Paul addresses disagreements in driver monitoring. While driver tracking for fleet management is not a new concept, some may perceive it as invasive. The use of tachographs, both traditional and digital, has been mandatory in HGVs for years to record essential data.

However, Paul emphasises, “If targets are real and flexible, employees are unlikely to have problems.

“Input from drivers themselves is crucial here, and so companies must balance their need for safety with employee privacy.”

Paul also highlights the urgent need for increased awareness around nationwide decarbonisation efforts. As Clear Air Zones (CAZs) are implemented across the country, support for hauliers navigating these changes is crucial. Additionally, there’s an ongoing conversation about the future of fuelling commercial vehicles as the industry moves towards a more sustainable future.

“These topics require collective attention and informed discussions within our sector”, Paul states.

When asked about the future of road transport, Paul expresses enthusiasm: “While electric vehicles are grabbing headlines, the technology for larger vehicles is still evolving.

“Currently, four alternative fuels are prominent: biodiesel, natural gas, hydrogen and HOV. Ensuring that businesses are supported to keep their trucks on the road, regardless of what powers them in the future, is a key focus.”

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