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At Schmitz Cargobull, Stephen Mallett, Head of Sales, is steering the ship towards growth and innovation. His role at Europe’s Leading Manufacturerinvolves maximising opportunities, strengthening partnerships with operators, and ensuring they offer market-leading products and services that represent genuine value for money.

Schmitz Cargobull is no stranger to the world of semi-trailers, trailers, and truck bodies. With around 61,000 trailers produced annually and a workforce of approximately 6,900 employees, it’s Europe’s market leader in this space, specializing in temperature-controlled freight, general cargo, and bulk goods.

Rolling Wheels: The Importance of National Lorry Week

Why is Schmitz Cargobull getting involved in National Lorry Week this year? Stephen explains that they’re delighted to be part of the RHA’s campaign, which aims to shine a spotlight on the trucks, trailers, and the people powering the industry. Given the ever-growing demands on the industry, Schmitz Cargobull continues to invest heavily in research and development, focusing on sustainable and energy-efficient transport solutions.

Why Celebrate Road Transport?

Stephen is quick to reaffirm the vital role the road transport industry plays. “Without it, the country would come to a grinding halt. Haulage and logistics businesses are a significant part of the UK economy, and it’s crucial to acknowledge the tremendous work being done to shape the future of road transport.”

According to Stephen, it’s a unique opportunity for individuals and businesses across the industry to come together, celebrate successes, and collectively strive for higher standards. He believes that collaboration is key to the industry’s success, and by celebrating achievements and learning from one another, everyone can become the best they can be.

The Thrills of Road Transport

What excites Stephen most about road transport is the constant change – evolving technology, truck and trailer designs, and the evolving needs of customers. Schmitz Cargobull’s commitment to continuous improvement means they’re always looking for ways to enhance their products and services.

Busting Misconceptions

One common misconception Stephen wants to clear up is that Schmitz Cargobull only manufactures trailers in mainland Europe. In reality, their Manchester facility now produces trailers tailored specifically for the UK & Ireland market, including curtainsider semi-trailers and dry freight boxes.

Raising Awareness on Safety

Safety and load security are paramount at Schmitz Cargobull. Stephen highlights their certification to DIN EN 12642 Code XL, signifying the rigidity and quality of their products. It’s a critical aspect for hauliers and logistics operators of all sizes, and Schmitz Cargobull is committed to raising awareness on this issue.

The Green Road Ahead

Turning our gaze toward the future, Stephen’s enthusiasm is palpable when it comes to the industry’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions. Schmitz Cargobull has been proactive in slashing their carbon footprint and leading the way in innovative solutions. A prime example is their Schmitz Cargobull S.KOe COOL, a fully electric semi-trailer delivering a 100% zero-emission answer to temperature-controlled transport—a monumental leap toward a more environmentally friendly transport sector.

A Call for More Recognition

As a result of National Lorry Week, Stephen hopes to see increased coverage in mainstream media and social platforms, recognising the remarkable efforts of truck and trailer manufacturers, suppliers, and operators in improving industry standards and driving innovation.

Join the celebration during National Lorry Week and be a part of the road transport industry’s exciting journey into the future

Join us during National Lorry Week and support the road transport industry’s journey into the future. 🚚 #NationalLorryWeek #RoadTransport #Innovation #Sustainability