Sponsor Focus: Durite

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Durite are the UK’s leading brand in vehicle safety, lighting and auto-electrical parts, servicing the UK transport industry, end-user fleets and manufacturers. They play an important role in providing safety solutions and essential core components to commercial fleets and general vehicle aftermarkets – ensuring enhanced road safety, reducing vehicle downtime, and maximising fleet operations.

We recently sat down with Chester Chung, Marketing Executive, to discuss what National Lorry Week means to Durite.

Why get involved?

“National Lorry Week provides an ideal platform to share the message that road safety is not solely the responsibility of one individual, but rather a collective effort,” shares Chester.

“Having the branded truck travelling across the four nations gives us the perfect opportunity to get closer to the community at a local level” The beauty of National Lorry Week is that it allows businesses like Durite to show support to the industry and its workers, whilst helping to promote and raise awareness of steps taken to make the road safer for everyone.

Celebrating our Hauliers

Chester recognises the pivotal role of the transport sector, “It serves as the backbone of our country, enabling the smooth operation of enterprises and ensuring essentials are available for everyone.”

He continues, “Let’s not forget the critical role the transport industry played in keeping the country running when the pandemic hit.” To him, this is why celebrating the road transport industry is essential.

Awareness of the Industry

Why should people, regardless of their connection to the industry, participate in this campaign? Chester’s answer is clear: the more engagement, the higher awareness generated. He notes that public appreciation of National Lorry week can help bring more investment into the industry, as well as the opportunity to attract new talent.

The industry is always evolving and binging in new technology for vehicles, as well as smarter ways to handle logistics. “It’s this ongoing flow of innovation that keeps things interesting, and offers endless opportunity for growth and improvement,” Chester notes.

For example, Durite have seen tremendous changes in road safety over the last decade. From cameras to sensing technology, Durite continue to innovate, driven by the industry demand to help drivers and fleet managers operate more efficiently and safely.

Industry Misconceptions & Safety Innovation

On industry misconceptions that Chester would like to see addressed, he highlights the industry’s perceived slowness to adopt new technologies, and concerns about its environmental impact. He notes that in reality, the sector is rapidly embracing cutting edge solutions, including electric and autonomous vehicles and advanced telematics systems.

“While it’s true that environmental issues are a concern, the industry has not shied away from this issue. We see a growing emphasis on sustainability,” Chester emphasises.

This National Lorry Week, Durite is keen to raise awareness of fleet and road safety, promoting a collaborative effort across industries and communities. The rapid technological advancements in the field, such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), deserve recognition for their contributions to safety and operational efficiency.

The Bright Road Ahead

For Chester, the future of our industry holds great promise. From collision avoidance systems to advanced driver assistance features, innovation is making road travel safer and more efficient.

As a result of National Lorry Week, Chester envisions a stronger focus on harnessing technology to ease challenges faced by operators, as well as a greater recognition of industry to attract young talent and government support for sustainability and safety.

Find out more about Durite, here.