Sponsor Focus: DAF

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In the fast-paced world of road transport, where the movement of goods keeps our lives in motion, one name has consistently stood out as a symbol of reliability, innovation and British manufacturing excellence – DAF Trucks.

As the UK’s marker leading manufacturer of trucks, DAF holds a commanding presence on the nation’s roads, with approximately one third of all trucks bearing the DAF badge. These vehicles, renowned for their quality and performance, are proudly made at DAF’s factory in Leyland, Lancashire.

This year’s roadshow kicks off with the launch event at RHA Head Office in Peterborough, where the new liveried truck was unveiled – a New Generation DAF XG+.

The tour will see the National Lorry Week-branded DAF visiting cities across all four nations of the UK to celebrate alongside RHA members, industry partners and education facilities. We’ll also be meeting up with stakeholders, policy makers and government officials to discuss the importance of the industry.

At the heart of DAF is Marketing Manager, Phil Moon, who brings a wealth of industry knowledge and passion for the road transport sector. We had the pleasure of speaking with Phil recently to gain insights into DAF’s involvement with this year’s National Lorry Week and their vision for the future of road transport.

The Vital Role of the Industry

DAF trucks acts as an integral part of the road transport ecosystem, understanding the role the industry plays in our daily lives. This recognition drives their active participation in National Lorry Week. According to Phil, “National Lorry Week is an opportunity to share that message with a wider audience; it’s crucial that more of the general public appreciate the work done to deliver the goods we all depend upon.”

Diverse Career Opportunities

One of the central objectives for National Lorry Week is to highlight the diverse career opportunities within the transport and logistics sector. From technicians and logisticians to drivers and vehicle designers, the industry offers a rich tapestry of professions. Phil emphasises, “Road transport is such a fantastic and varied industry to work in. The list of roles is extensive, from specialists to generic positions in sales, marketing, human resources, training – the list goes on.”

Changing Perceptions

Misconceptions surrounding road transport often lead to the industry’s essential work being overlooked or underestimated. DAF Trucks aims to address this issue. As Phil notes, “We need to make people think about the logistics, planning and hard work that goes into making sure goods are where we want them, when we need them.”

Balancing Expectations, Efficiency and Net Zero Technology

Awareness must also be raised regarding the expectations placed on transport, whether by consumers or businesses. Phil explains, “Unreasonable or unnecessary demands can have far-reaching implications on the efficiency and environmental impact of moving goods.”

Looking ahead, Phil is excited about the changes on the horizon for road transport. He anticipates a significant shift towards zero-emission technology over the next decade, which with revolutionise networks and operations. As he puts it, “Exciting times!”

Changes to the Industry

Long-term, Phil hopes to see a shift in how transport is valued. He emphasises the need to recognise the substantial investment and hard work that underpins the industry. “Too often, it is seen as a low or no-cost addition to the bottom of an invoice, leading us to underappreciate the true value of the industry,” he states.

DAF’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and career development reflects the dynamic spirit of an industry that never stops moving. As we embark on the journey towards a greener, more efficient future, DAF Trucks remains a steadfast partner, driving progress and delivering excellence on the open road.