The RHA launches new memberships

We have some exciting news to share – we’ve decided to evolve and extend our membership offering to ensure that we continue to provide support, are relevant, and add value to all areas that make up this changing industry.

We’ve spent a considerable amount of time speaking and listening to current members, non-members and key influencers to see what our industry needs.

We’re keen to invite more people to join us at the RHA in this challenging and changing time for the economy. Our three new offerings add to a long-established membership which for the past 76 years has been the bedrock of the trade association and industry – providing support, guidance and a voice for all members. The new packages are tailored to offer the same benefits to the individual, professional and van operators as we do for traditional membership.

The Professional Membership offering is developed to support people in the sector who want to advance their career. We offer them up-to-date industry information, access to our experts, as well as being part of the network we provide. We offer a support mechanism that supports personal development and the opportunity to learn from others who face similar challenges day in, day out. We also host bespoke webinars to keep our members up to date with important information, the latest news and provide guidance.

The Individual Membership offers the chance for people working in, or who have worked in the industry, to continue to engage with, and listen to what is happening in the sector. This allows them to be part of a trade association that helps define and shape the road haulage sector and supports the logistics industry. In recent years businesses and individuals who have worked directly or indirectly in the sector have asked us for this kind of access. We value input and interaction from current, future and past members; tradition and history is a great starting point to put into context the changes and demands of a world and economy that is rapidly evolving.

The van sector has grown at a rapid pace over the last 10 years. This largely unregulated industry is an area we recognise as needing support from us as it moves to undoubtedly more scrutiny, control and regulation in the coming years. The levels of technical competence, training and industry understanding we have ensures that we’re perfectly positioned to help support this sector as it develops and adapts. In addition to the core Van Membership, we have also introduced an Accredited Level of Membership. This has been designed to support the operator who wants to begin the journey of incorporating the standards of an RHA audit of compliance and adherence to best practice.

The relevance, demand and need for the support we provide was a driving factor when developing the new membership offerings. As a result of developing technology, which affects all businesses and sectors, it’s vital our members are kept up to date about what’s changing. Access to the latest insight is important, but having the ability to influence the pace and impact is essential too.

The sustainability of the industry is everyone’s concern from an environmental, as well as a business point of view. This year’s events have highlighted the need for the support we offer our members on a daily basis. Our members have access to our policy team who are in regular contact with government and the authorities that make the decisions affecting our industry. This is a huge benefit to our members as they are connected to key influencers who can share insight. This allows them to have input, give feedback and communicate ideas into immediate, medium, and long-term issues that will potentially affect their business. Also, the understanding of new and potential legislation/governance is critical to any business and this knowledge and insight we offer is provided by our experienced team of experts. We also offer access to a help desk that fields over 1,200 calls each month – answering queries and offering guidance.

Our members also benefit from daily communication from our social media feeds, ‘RoadwayLive’ news app and member messages. We also run regular webinars and publish our monthly hardcopy ‘Roadway’ magazine. We encourage personal and professional development as well as providing guidance on the ways in which we support the industry to attract new talent and develop skills.

We strive to be the voice of the industry and by evolving our membership to encompass more businesses, we will make our voice stronger. We offer our members opportunities to promote themselves through campaigns such as HGV Heroes and National Lorry Week.

These new membership packages bring real value and relevance to our industry, offering the opportunity to have a voice in our sector.

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