Industry focus on Zeus Labs

Zeus Labs is very proud to be involved in National Lorry Week for several reasons. Firstly, the vast network and reach of the RHA means that Zeus can showcase its transformative product to the people that really do need it. At Zeus, we give our hauliers a lot of support, with an extensive loyalty programme, including discounts on tyres, instant pay, as well as tokens to use at truck stops. We believe showcasing this to the members is very important as they deserve a solution, especially considering today’s volatile climate.

Lorry week is very important. It is essential hauliers should get as much information about who they can work with and how they can drive efficiency, profitability, and sustainability in every part of the supply chain. Getting the right information and support means that they can make more focused and informed decisions.

Why should people consider a career in logistics?

Well firstly, it has now been proved beyond all doubt, that logistics is one of the most vital industries to the UK economy. Everything this country needs to operate has at some point been transported in a truck. Without the valuable infrastructure that the logistics and haulage community provide, nothing would work. Schools, hospitals factories, shops, leisure centres; everything would just grind to a halt without the logistics and haulage industry.

Transporting key goods to help the economy is very fulfilling; we are proud that we are supporting the hauliers deliver items such as food, water, medical supplies, timber, bricks, etc. all over the country. It makes the whole Zeus Labs team happy, and we know it makes a real difference for the hauliers we work with.

Also, and this is vital to note, the importance of logistics and the digital supply chain is only going to increase in the coming years. It looks set to be an exciting period of growth.

How do you support our members with your products/services? 

Most importantly we support our hauliers by providing well paid jobs. Our rates are some of the highest in the market because we know how hard it is to drive a truck, and we don’t believe in eating into a haulier’s margins when the job is tough enough already (a fact that many take for granted). The ability to be anywhere in the UK and take a job from Zeus and get paid within days of completion is a true differentiator and USP. We also have an outstanding loyalty program, personally overseen and led by Jai Kanwar, Co-Founder of Zeus. We always want our hauliers to feel like they are part of the Zeus community and ecosystem, where they are truly valued, respected, and can grow their business.