Industry focus on The Fuelcard Company

The last two years have shown the British nation that many everyday things we take for granted are actually anything but mundane: seeing family and friends, travelling wherever we like, having a wide choice of goods and services.  

Into this tapestry, we can weave one of the great proponents of our everyday lives: the lorry. As the pandemic recedes, people truly have begun to understand how fundamental the lorry is to almost everything we do, and everything we expect of our modern world. National Lorry Week is important in driving this message home. 

Without these vehicles and their operators, life grinds to a halt, and so it is with great pride that The Fuelcard Company is sponsor of National Lorry Week. We’ve always been there to support drivers, lorries, operators and the logistics sector to work in a more efficient way, and never more so than in the recent past, when it has played such a vital role in keeping the nation going. 

Now, the issues the sector is facing, around driver, technician and part shortages as well as rising costs, are finally front page news, as people realise now just how important lorries and logistics are. It’s a great industry to work in, because you can now be sure the nation is behind you, willing you on. 

And we are too: at the Fuelcard Company, we have been working in partnership with the Road Haulage Association and logistics fleets for many years, providing cost- and time-efficient solutions for fuel and servicing.  

The lorry is the engine that keeps the country functioning, and we are proud to help power RHA members now, and in the future.