Industry focus on Sebastian Corbishley-Bull

What is your role at the RHA?

I am the New Business Development Team Manager; my team and I are based at our head office in Peterborough. We field enquiries about everything we (RHA) have to offer, from defect books to membership.

Our role is to assist industry professionals to make the best decisions for their businesses about all the products and services that are needed to support their growth.

What brought you to the RHA?

When I found the opening at the RHA I had spent five years flying around building sites across the country at all hours, so I decided that I needed some time for myself, my wife and my two young daughters.

I believed I would be able to relate to the round the clock nature of the industry and understood the gravity of needing the right support, with the right tools, at the right time.

After nearly five years of being a part of the RHA family I can safely say that the job was everything I hoped for. I know all my colleagues are there to support me and together in our many ways, I believe we punch well above our weight in supporting the industry.

What did you do before you joined the RHA?

Before the RHA I worked in the construction industry, specifically the electrical contracting sector. I worked on everything from large industrial projects such as solar farms to small domestic installations like fixing a fuse board.

Working with my team at the RHA is less stressful than herding construction apprentices, but there are definitely transferable skills, and as other teams in the head office will testify the same amount of laughs.

What does National Lorry Week mean to you?

It’s a celebration of the resilience and tenacity of the industry, and an opportunity to remind the country of the vital work we do.

The past two years have forced the country to recognise the importance of the industry and National Lorry Week is a chance for us to bring our voices together and drive us forward.

Why should people get involved in National Lorry Week?

People should get involved because together we are stronger, louder and are far more likely to start the conversations the industry needs to make happen.

Just as we rely on our members, National Lorry Week relies on us all to promote the industry we love and attract the talent required to keep businesses on the road.  

Why is logistics a good career option?

With such a wide variety of roles needed it would be impossible for one not to find an exciting and fulfilling career path. If you live to be challenged, to grow and to never stop learning (partially because of ever changing legislation!) logistics is for you.

After nearly five years, I can’t wait for the next ten.