Industry focus on Liberty Hibberd

What is your role at the RHA?

My role at the RHA is Public Affairs Executive. I liaise with the Government, MPs, and ministers to promote all the good things the haulage industry does for the UK, but also relay members’ concerns and issues. I also aid the policy team by assisting them with research and analysis of national and local government documents about transport matters.  

What brought you to the RHA.

The RHA offered me the opportunity to work with dynamic teams of specialised individuals, media, policy, and operations to voice our members concerns with government, whilst promoting positive change for the industry. I have been working at the RHA for four fantastic months. 

What did you do before you joined the RHA?

I worked in an MPs office, and I recently graduated from university with a Masters degree in international relations.

What does National Lorry Week mean to you?

It’s a celebration of a vital industry that keeps the UK running. Lorries are a very underappreciated aspect of our daily lives, they deliver our food, clothes and everything else we need. It’s a time we should be thankful of all those that work in the industry.  

As they say: ‘Everything comes on the back of a lorry!’. 

Why should people get involved in National Lorry Week?

People should get involved with National Lorry Week to generate more positive recognition for this great industry. Its a celebration – and without lorries we couldn’t have modern life as we know it.  

Why is logistics a good career option?

There are many different avenues to get involved in. From Drivers to CEO, there are many different professions that sit in this industry. Whatever your interest theres an opportunity to work in the haulage industry and contribute to the smooth running of supply chains in the UK.