Industry focus on Joanne Priestly

What is your role at the RHA?
My role in the RHA is Helpdesk Team Leader. I am here to help, support and guide our members.

What brought you to the RHA?
I came to the work for the RHA in February 2017 for a career change, which was a great move.

What did you do before you joined the RHA?

Before I joined the RHA I was a customer administrator manager for a manufacturing company who made accessories for wheelchairs. i.e harnesses and cushions.

What does National Lorry Week mean to you?
It’s great way to promote and encourage young and older alike to join the industry.

Why should people get involved in National Lorry Week?

It is great to raise awareness to promote our industry, and the general public may get involved to show support for the sector that has kept the wheels of the county turning in these unprecedented times.

Why is logistics a good career option? 

Logistics is one of the most important career fields in the world. Without the planning and distribution of goods there would be many shortages and products wouldn’t be delivered on time.