Industry focus on Goodyear

We’re proud to support the RHA and sponsor National Lorry Week to celebrate the logistics sector, and raise awareness of the importance of the industry. National Lorry Week is also a fantastic way to show our thanks to all involved at Goodyear in keeping the haulage industry moving, from those in supply chain, our commercial sales team and all supporting head office personnel – and most importantly all who are part of our TruckForce Network. From their early mornings, to late finishes and call outs throughout the night, you really do go above and beyond in keeping fleets moving.

National Lorry Week is important to highlight the logistics industry and each person and team that contribute towards keeping businesses driving on our roads, celebrating the real difference that they make to everyday life. It’s also key to encourage those thinking about a career in logistics to have a greater understanding of the industry and the brilliant opportunities on offer.

The logistics industry holds a fantastic community and the opportunity to work in a great team, from drivers to warehouse managers. With a current driver shortage in the trucking industry, the logistics industry is in high demand and has many opportunities for growth for those considering a career in this area. There are also all the back office supporting roles from supply chain, finance, marketing and HR that all have an impact on the logistics industry.

A little bit about TruckForce – our international service network, specialising in the complete life-cycle management of truck tyres. With over 2,000 partner locations across Europe, TruckForce provides assured service and a premium experience across our extensive network. We also have a premium range of tyres that are suitable across a wide range of applications including the newly launched FUELMAX ENDURANCE. The new steer and drive axle tyres combine the fuel efficiency levels needed on motorways with the traction and mileage called for on A- and B-roads, along with compelling B label scores on fuel efficiency and wet grip.