Industry focus on Backhouse Jones

We all love our smart phones and they make our lives so much easier but perhaps the problem with making things look easy is that people tend to incorrectly assume it actually is easy. The iPhone and its apps brings to you stuff that you have bought with just one click.

But does it really? Behind the aluminium and glass in the palm of your hand who actually physically brings you your stuff?

Lorries might be magnificently larger than your iPhone but are less visible in the extensive process of the actual delivery process. Your delivery will touch the back of more lorries and more times than you have left your fingerprint on the pixels of your choice of stuff. 

In Monty Python‘s The Life of Brian the foremost question was: “What have the Romans ever done for us?”

John Cleese eventually had to admit that the Romans had delivered roads, sanitation, medicine and wine amongst other good stuff that made life a whole lot easier and better.

Maybe the question should be: “What have lorries ever done for us?“ 

National Lorry Week is answering that question head on. 

The Romans left us with a road network that thousands of lorries use every day to deliver the stuff we love. It really is “Love Actually” on the back of a lorry. 

It’s because the men and women of the haulage industry make running lorries easy that we all might fall into the trap of believing that it’s easy to deliver stuff when the truth is it absolutely isn’t.

Hard actual graft – harder than tapping a glass screen – by truckers and other logistics staff who are unsung heroes are literally driving the economy of the UK. 

It’s for this reason that Backhouse Jones are delighted to support the National Lorry Week campaign.