Managing Drug and Alcohol use within the workplace

Employers have a legal, moral, and social responsibility to ensure their drivers are fit to work. However, managing drug and alcohol (D&A) misuse in the workplace can be perceived as a complex, un-manageable and uncomfortable problem.

Logistics is a vastly innovative industry with organisations implementing extensive health and safety solutions to keep their drivers safe but how closely are they monitoring their fitness for work? Drugs and alcohol are commonly seen as a coping strategy to combat anxiety, stress and fatigue which are all factors that may stem from recent changes in working patterns brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. This is supported by recent Police drug-drive statistics which show that police forces are now catching 2 to 3 times more drug-drivers than drink and a significant number of these arrests are those who drive for work.

National Lorry Week is the perfect opportunity to champion the transport sector as an inclusive and sustainable industry full of amazing opportunities for the younger generation however, how much are we educating them on the dangers of substance misuse? Binge drinking and drug use is an accepted part of youth culture, especially within an educational setting but what are organisations doing to extract this culture within the workplace? With a severe lack of drink-drug driving campaigns and an inadequate random testing percentage how are organisations ensuring their drivers are fit to get behind the wheel?

D.tec International work in partnership to support and protect your business, employees, and the wider public by providing D&A screening solutions, alongside a fully confidential, end to end service with 24/7 support. We offer a fully encompassing solution, ranging from robust policy development through to testing implementation, that can be truly scaled to fit your organisations specific needs. Education is at the core of our offering and we can provide virtual classroom training courses as well as face to face seminars. By implementing our fully encompassing solution employers can assure that they are responsibly protecting their drivers and reinforcing road safety.

Online webinar, hosted by: D.tec International- Daniel Jones, Training Manager

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Nov 19 2020


11:00 pm - 12:00 pm


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