Did you know only 1% of the UK’s 315,000 lorry drivers are women? It’s an alarming statistic, particularly amid a national driver shortage. 

We need more women in other industry roles too, such as transport management, with only 20% of total jobs in road transport currently taken up by females. 

It’s a statistic that needs to improve. We need truckers, as they deliver everything that we rely on in our daily lives. 

For National Lorry Week we speak to HGV drivers Lucy, Gabrielle and Jodi, about their reasons for joining the road transport industry and what they enjoy most about their day jobs. 

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Lorry drivers are vital, they deliver everything that we rely on in our daily lives from food and drink, to clothing and medicines. We are, however, experiencing a critical shortage of them meaning disruption to supermarkets, petrol stations, pharmacies, and restaurants, with many of our much-loved items disappearing from shelves across the UK.

In reaction to this, it has been reported that many companies have started to offer higher salaries as well as attractive sign on bonuses to drivers in the hope of enticing new talent and retaining their current workforce.

For many people, driving can be a rewarding and enjoyable career, and with many improvements across the industry such as technological developments and better pay, now could be a great time to consider driving as a career. The job offers more flexibility than you might think too, with drivers able to choose between travelling the world or staying closer to home to deliver locally, there’s something out there for everyone and you’ll never be out of work.

For National Lorry Week, we speak to Mark Taylor, the RHA’s Head of Training and Sales – England and Wales, about how to get started with driver training, the options that are available and the most cost-effective ways of obtaining your LGV licence.

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